I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!! GOSH!!!

•March 1, 2008 • 1 Comment

ok…. i am sooooooooooooooooooo sorry for being gone so long. my parents split up and i’m staying with my mom., and her computer doesn’t have internet. also, my emo sister clogged it up with viruses and spyware stuff, so i don’t like to get on that much.  thank you to all of my admins and commenters for staying with me!!

(o ya. i’ll take off the christmas stuff, too!)


Vfdooh? Where are you???

•January 22, 2008 • 4 Comments

OHHHH WHERE ARE YOU????????? You never email me anymore and don’t update!!! WHERE????

Clothing Catalog January 08

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The catalog came out today! Here’s all the secrets and such, and the 50th pin!

WOOO 50TH! I can’t wait till the 100th, if I’m still around by then, because that would be in about a year or something, 😆


And da secrets!


🙂 bibi for now!



http://penguinoscarawards.wordpress.com/ !


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Well……….the newspaper came out today! Here’s what’s inside!

*****People thought the New Year/Christmas/Holiday/Winter Party was a blast! I also thought the New  Year/CHristmas/Holiday/Winter Party was the best, too( 😆 )!!!!!!

*****The Twelfth Fish will soon be replaced on January 11(FINALLY!)

*****New wigs are coming out! They’ll be available in the Gift Shop January 4, tomorrow!(for members only……SIGH)

*****The featured game was Puffle Roundup, my favorite game of all!

*****Aunt Arctic answered questions about what a penguin thinks of Rockhopper and Secret rooms and why they don’t have stuff in them!

*****The tips and secrets was about Astro Barrier and their secret levels(if you don’t already know them)


>>January 4: New Wig, clothing catalog, and Pin(THE 50TH!!!!!! WOOOOO!)

>>January 11: New play(oh finally, I didn’t like the Twelfth Fish!)

>>January 18: New Furniture Catalog and New Pin Hidden

And vote for me in the POA! http://penguinoscarawards.wordpress.com/ !



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Hello all! The ice burg tipping party is today at 2:00 pst at the iice burg in the glacier server!! I really hope you can come!!! There’s no dress code, just dance or drill! I am expecting this to be pretty big, so don’t ruine it!!! 😛


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The Christmas party is finally here! Pretty much all of Club Penguin is decorated! The beacon is my favorite place! There are free santa hats at the Snow Forts and free Reindeer antlers at the Dock! You can also get your pictures with Santa!! Look at mine!!


I just love this time of year! It makes me feel all warm and cozy inside!! Help others feel that way too! Be extra kind to ppl this holiday! There is also going to be another free item next week so don’t forget to check back soon!

 Also, the iceburg party is tomorrow!!!!! It’s at 2:30 PST and is at the Ice Burg in the Glacier Server!! Plz come!!

Christmas Party Is Almost Here!!

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Hello All! The Christmas party will be here tomorrow, so ge ready to go a-carolin’, because this is going to be the best one yet!

Also, Club Penguin needs YOUR help! Since cp is now advertising on TV and membership is in stores, many new people are joining, which means you need to go double time on the tours!! I almost never give tours, but now, I will help my cp community!

And, cp filters are better! You can’t type in numbers, but they said that it should be easier to talk, so I’m fine! Before, I could hardly have a normal conversation with a pal without it being interrupted, but now, it’s all changed! THNX CP!! XD

DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE PARTY!!! WE’LL TRY TO TIP THE BURG, THEN THE DOCK BOAT, THEN WE’LL HANG OUT! (and for all of you who stay, we might even go Christmas caroling door to door!) So, this coming Saturday, go to the Glacier server, then visit the ice burg, and be there by 2:30 Penguin Standard Time! (Be sure to adjust this to your regular time zone!!)

Finally, don’t forget to sign up for the Socg Army! It’s filling up!!! Once we get a full army, I will be putting passwords on all of the army posts and pages!! If necessary, I will add more spaces. When you sign up, I will need your email, and I need to know your penguin name, too! Emtek77, one of my admin, will design the uniforms.

Thnx for reading, who ever u ppl are!! Come back soon!